Powder brows | Everything you need to know

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Powder brows | Everything you need to know

Frequent inquiries prompted us to explain in detail the exceedingly popular technique of eyebrow shading in the world, but also in Marra studio. It’s, of course, powder eyebrows that are a technique of drawing eyebrows which is completely different from the popular microblading and as such is more suitable for clients who have oily or thin skin. Find out more about it below.

Just as the name suggests – powder brows, they are about the powder effect on eyebrows. After ‘drawing’ the eyebrows, they look like we shaded them or filled them with eyeshadow or pencil. Since the technique is based on drawing tiny dots – pixels, we can dose them and thus create lighter or darker areas, which gives us perfectly natural results. Powder brows are also intended for people who have oily skin; It’s generally known that classic microblading is actually harder to last on oily skin, and this technique adheres better to such skins that are more problematic to achieve a good final result. The treatment itself lasts about two hours on average, half an hour before drawing an anesthetic is applied. The treatment is not painful, and for a long-lasting effect over two years, two treatments are always done at intervals of one month.

Powder brows – what does the treatment look like?

We start the treatment with a short consultation and applying anesthetics to the eyebrow area, and after 30 minutes, we sketch the eyebrows from the natural shape that we modify in order to obtain perfectly positioned eyebrows, paying attention to eyebrow thickness, color and pixel density. We also follow the facial expressions themselves to avoid the difference in the shape of the left and right side. The left and right eyebrows can never be identical, the difference is in the dents of the left and right sides of the face as well as in the mimicry of the left and right sides of the face. The pigmentation itself is very shallow and is minimally invasive which guarantees a perfectly natural and elegant result.

With the powder technique, we can get the perfect ombre effect, which would mean that the eyebrows are darker in their lower line, and lighter in their upper line and at the beginnings, i.e. the pixels are thinner. This is great because most clients also come to us with the idea that they don’t want those rectangles at the beginning of the eyebrow, which is never really done or should be done – so the very beginning of the eyebrow always has to be much softer than the rest. After a month, the eyebrows are redrawn to get pigment permanency, and the only side effect after treatment may be redness that stops after a few hours. Eyebrows need to be cared for 5-7 days after drawing, and it includes rinsing or wiping the eyebrows with a damp cotton pad and applying the cream that we give you in the studio. The price of the treatment is 3500 kn, which includes two eyebrow shading treatments.

More information about the trainings can be found on the Academy page.

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