What is brow micropigmentation?

Što je mikropigmentacija obrva i koje su prednosti ove tehnike

What is brow micropigmentation?

Find out what is eyebrow micropigmentation and all about the different types of application of this technique. With social media and YouTube platform itself, various makeup techniques have become available to women. We are now able to watch hundreds of different makeup tutorials for free. There are tips for filling in the eyebrows, eyeshadow blending techniques, how to choose the right liquid foundation etc. Women always tried to bring their makeup to perfection, and that includes neat eyebrows.

The eyebrows suddenly became ultra thin and excessively plucked. After that they became strong and accentuated. By that point, even professional makeup artists were filling their client’s eyebrows with eyeshadows. There were some eyebrow pencils as well but with a very small selection of shades. Besides that, eyebrow makeup was almost non-existent. However, this is nothing new. Eyebrows have been constantly changing throughout history. Just as trends in hairstyles have changed over the decades, the same has happened with eyebrows. Whether they are thin or bold, each decade has its own trend in eyebrow styling.

Eyebrows through the years

In ancient Egypt, both men and women, darkened their eyebrows with mineral powder. They thought it makes them look strong, combined with accentuated eyes. Thus, Cleopatra can be considered the originator of the trend of bold brows. Fast forward to the 1920s, when Hollywood movie stars used to dictate beauty and fashion trends. The eyebrow trend at the time included two thin lines, with the low arch. You can see what happened throughout history in the visual below.

The shape and style of eyebrow shaping has changed drastically over the years. In the 1930s, the shape itself became less almond-shaped and more round. The arch was much taller than ever before. As makeup became more affordable, women became braver. That is what started the trend of excessive plucking of the eyebrows and even shaving them. The final idea was to later draw the shape that is currently trendy.

The war years brought new trends. The eyebrows became much thicker, fuller and more natural. In the 1940s, the eyebrows were extremely defined and neat, which gave them extra attention. The fifties were marked by Merlin Monroe, whose eyebrows are surely recognized by everyone! Her eyebrows at the time were a reflection of femininity. Perfectly defined, with an extremely high arch, darker than hair color.

The following decade brought thin eyebrows back, until Sofia Loren set a new trend. She shaved her eyebrows completely and then drew them to look as natural as possible. Short, subtle strokes made the eyebrows look natural. The 1970s again led in two directions – ultra thin or naturally filled. The hippie movement has led many women to ditch the tweezers and highlight the beauty of their natural eyebrows.

In the eighties, everything became bigger and more pronounced. That’s when we first came across the term “bushy eyebrows”. The 1990s brought back low arch and thin eyebrows. This trend continued over the next decade, with only the arch slightly rising.

Cara Delevigne brought back thicker eyebrows and started filling them. Then the mass production of various eyebrow products began. From powders and eyebrow shadows, through gels, to pencils in countless shades. This has led us to semi-permanent solutions, so that the eyebrows look perfect on every occasion.

Semi-permanent makeup

Shaving and excessive plucking provided canvas for drawing desired shapes, but it takes time. As life got faster, women were looking for some more lasting solution. There are women who are not happy with the shape of their natural eyebrows or the amount of brow hair. There are those, who simply always want to look like they have makeup on, but also those who don’t have any brow hair. These are the two key reasons why semi-permanent makeup was created.

Women have always strived to achieve the perfect look of their eyebrows. The eyebrows frame the face. If they are nicely trimmed and shaped, they give dimension to the face. Maybe the era of thin and overly plucked eyebrows lasted too long? Who knows! It seems to us that bold and neatly done eyebrows will be trendy for a long time. Semi-permanent makeup is the perfect compromise when it comes to eyebrows. There is no everyday drawing, it saves time, and yet provides the opportunity to change the shape or technique in the future.

Tattooing in its original form has been around for many years. As the standards of beauty changed, so did the tattoo itself change shape and adjust the application. The insertion of pigment into the skin has found its purpose in the cosmetics industry. After that came the dark phase with eyebrows, lips and eyelids tattooes. Nobody wants to remember that! However, we learned a lesson and shortly after that a semi-permanent make-up showed up.

What is brow micropigmentation?

Many of us are familiar with the term brow micropigmentation, but what does it actually mean? What is brow micropigmentation in theory? Along with all other eyebrow drawing techniques, this is a form of semi-permanent pigment application. The pigment is injected into the skin, where it stays for a certain amount of time and after that it starts to fade. Depending on the skin type, the material used and the technique itself, the pigment will stay in the skin shorter or longer. After a certain period, a correction needs to be made.

Micropigmentation is a non-invasive treatment and can be applied to the whole face. It is considered a revolution in the field of aesthetic corrections after surgery or hair loss due to illness or treatment. Semi-permanent makeup significantly shortens the time spent on grooming and makes life easier for every modern person. In addition to saving you time, you will no longer spend huge amounts of money on makeup.

Application of micropigmentation:

  • Covering scars
  • Covering baldness or creating the illusion of thick hair
  • Drawing eyebrows, filling in gaps and compensating in case of hair loss
  • Camouflaging vitiligo depigmentation
  • Recreation of the areola on the nipple after surgery
  • Semi-permanent makeup (eye pencil, lipstick, lip pencil, lip gloss, BB glow, etc.)

What is eyebrow micropigmentation and what are the benefits?

Eyebrow micropigmentation is a life savior. We wrote about the powder brows benefits, which are actually the most popular type of micropigmentation. Here are some benefits that would always lead us to opt for micropigmentation.

Saves time

Semi-permanent brows significantly shorten the preparation time for everyday activities, but also for special occasions.

Boosts self-confindence

Women are aware of how important eyebrows are and that people always notice them. When eyebrows are nicely done, it significantly boosts the self-confidence of each person.

Emphasizes natural beauty

Professionally drawn semi-permanent eyebrows can change the face shape and emphasize the natural beauty.

What is brow micropigmentation and what is microblading?

Microblading is by far the most popular technique that gained its popularity in 2017 on social media. This technique involves the use of a scalpel-like instrument. The procedure itself includes miniature incisions, through which the pigment is inserted into the skin. Each of the micro cuts aims to mimic the natural growth and shape of the eyebrows. The pigment should be as similar as possible to the natural color of the hair, in order to blend in nicely.

The whole procedure takes several hours, including time for the anesthetic. Recovery is individual, but usually takes 2 weeks. It is important to know that the right color, or the appearance of the eyebrows, shows up after a month. However, after 2 months of microblading will you have a real picture of what your eyebrows will actually look like. The expected duration of eyebrows made with this technique is between a year and a year and a half. After that, the pigment starts to fade and correction is needed.

The advantages of microblading are a natural look and filled gaps. This is an ideal treatment for those who have some brow hair. The disadvantages of microblading are that it is not ideal for all skin types. For those with combination and oily skin, they will fade much faster. The extremely natural look of microblading may require additional make-up, to make the eyebrows fit better into the overall look.

Micropigmentation reaches its peak in 2019. It is considered the only worthy rival of the previously mentioned, microblading. This technique can often be heard as “ombre brows” or “powder brows”. However, these are just variations of a technique called micropigmentation. Unlike microblading, the pigment is inserted through dots into the skin. The closest to this type of insertion is the tattooing technique. Many small dots create a gradient effect and provide the most natural look.

The way we can draw eyebrows with micropigmentation, no makeup can replace. The healing time is very similar to microblading, about 2 weeks. However, the main difference between microblading and micropigmentation is duration. Eyebrows made with the micropigmentation technique last 2 to 3 times longer! Of course, it all depends on the skin type and it will not last for the same amount of time for every person.

The benefits of micropigmentation include “fullness”, perfect fullness and definition of the eyebrows. They do not require any additional makeup or replenishment. The results are very long-lasting, because the pigment goes deeper into the skin and stays in it longer. This technique is suitable for all skin and eyebrow types, whether you have brow hair or not. The procedure itself is less invasive than microblading and the skin suffers much less. The machine used for eyebrow micropigmentation allows you to adjust the speed and pressure strength, which guarantees perfect precision. The disadvantages of micropigmentation are almost non-existent.

Marra Academy – Education for Micropigmentation

The micropigmentation technique itself involves the use of a tool, such as a tattoo machine. Thus, the pigment is inserted into the deeper layers of the skin. The color offer and pigment quality depends on the salon you choose. Marra Studio uses high-quality Perma Blend colors. You can attend education for eyebrow micropigmentation at our academy. Marra Academy is the right place to acquire knowledge in this field.

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