Smokey eyes technique for perfect eye makeup

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Smokey eyes technique for perfect eye makeup

The smokey eyes technique is one of the most popular in the world. Red lips, contouring, cat’s eyes – all these classic make-up looks occupy a special place in our hearts. However, none of them make us feel so brave and cheeky. This is only provided by the timeless smokey eyes technique. For decades, this makeup look has been accepted and used for those moments, which should give our faces a seductive look.

Although it is one of our favorite makeup techniques, here we will be honest. Smokey eyes are one of the hardest techniques to master. Just one excessive stroke of the eyeshadow brush can create total chaos. It can make you look less like a seductress, and more like you just cried and smudged your makeup. But you know what they say, if you fail at first… ask a makeup artist. Our dear Marija Butković selflessly shared some ingenious tips on how to raise smokey eyes to a higher level.

Tips from Marija Butković

To create the perfect eye makeup, focus first on the shape of your eyes and the final look of the makeup you want to create. If you opt for more dramatic smokey eyes makeup, be sure to apply eye makeup first and only when you are done with the eyes, move on to the foundation. Before applying eye shadow, apply eyeshadow base or put concealer on the eyelids and the part under the eye. In order for your base to be ‘thin’ enough, we recommend dabbing it with a Marra Microfiber art blender.

No matter what eyeshadow colors you want to create your makeup look with, always start with neutral eyeshadows. Apply them to the crease of the eyelid and below the lower lash line. Draw the line of the upper eyelid from the outer corner of the eye towards the part below the beginning of the eyebrow, following the natural eyelid. Apply a darker shade of eyeshadow to the outer corner of the upper eyelid, focusing on the outer third. Lightly blend in the direction of the natural recess of your eyelids. Apply the pencil to the root of the lashes to give the eyes the effect of smokey makeup.

The smokey eyes technique will be more effective if you put 3D artificial eyelashes at the end. We recommend artificial 3 D Queen lashes or Fairy lashes. Once you have finished the makeup on your eyes, apply a makeup primer to Marra Elli’s pearls. Then, apply the powder to the whole face with a sponge. Drizzle the powder with a microfiber Art blender, then matte with loose powder. Use neutral, brown, eyeshadow to process the edges of the eyeshadow, where it blends with the powder.

The Smokey eyes technique is perfectly imperfect

Smokey eyes are perfectly imperfect, so don’t get upset about details. Don’t be too sharp with an eyeliner or too smooth with a shadow. Accept a slightly flawless, smudged look. Also, don’t rush! This rule is especially true if you go with classic, rich smokey eyes of deeper shades. The last thing you want is to accidentally drag a dark black shadow all over the eye area to the eyebrow arch. That’s definitely not a good look!

“I definitely avoid smoking my eyes in one fell swoop, because it never works,” says Marija. “You need time to put it all together and perfect the fusion of colors.” Give yourself 10-15 minutes to blend, shape and clean up any mistakes or consequences of makeup.

Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.

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