Permanent makeup | What to look out for?

permanentna šminka

Permanent makeup | What to look out for?

One of the biggest world trends when it comes to brows is permanent makeup or micropigmentation. Whether it’s microblading or powder brows technique, permanent makeup on the brows is a semi-permanent tattoo that looses intensity over time, i.e. becomes ligher and lighter.

The most important aspect of semi-permanent brow treatments

As the same itself suggests, permanent makeup is permanent, durable. WIth that in mind, you wish for the end result to look pretty and natural. Permanent makeup is a type of tattoo, but it’s done on the surface layer of the skin, which makes it semi-permanent. However, when the desired treatment is done wrong and your semi-permanent tattoo doesn’t fade with time – we’re talking about the wrong kind of pigmentation that results in dark, sometimes blueish brows. Because of the above, when you’re thinking about micropigmentation treatments for your brows, the most important thing is precisely the artist. Spend enough time researching your chosen artist who is specialized for permanent makeup, we recommend you even go on consultations to get the overall impression. The education of your chosen artist is important, as is their previous work. Ask people for recommendation, of course the people who underwent a permanent brow treatment. Always strive for naturality, because trends change and the goal is for your brows to suit your face.

If you chose to consult your desired brow artist, they should dedicate their time to your and let you know which treatment you would be perfect for. It’s also important they know your skin type and draw a sketch to give you a rough idea what the resutl might look like after the treatment.

Hygene, hygene, hygene

When we’re talking about permanent cosmetics, it’s about treatments that are non-invasive, but hygene is something to definitely consider. Materials that various artists use can cause infections unless the work hygene is being respected. Each treatment contains a needle or a blade with which pigments are inserted into the skin. Precisely because of that, it’s crucial that the mentioned tools are either disposable or disenfected with a sterilizer tool on high temperatures.

Pay attention to the costs when it comes to permanent makeup

When deciding to do permanent cosmetic treatments, ask around for the costs. Think about the fact that you’re paying for the knowledge, expertise and hygene standards of your chosen artist. We don’t recommend artists who have extremely low prices, taking into consideration the quality of the materials they work with. We also wouldn’t recommend artists who have too many clients a day, as that comes down to quantity, and the quality of the work is questionable. The materials used in permanent cosmetics should be of high quality, so you can openly ask the chosen artist which brands they work with. When we talk about quality permanent cosmetics, a local anesthetic is important, as a the colors – which won’t cause infections even on the most sensitive skin. Keep in mind that you’ll be living with your permanent brows for a year to up to 3 years, depending on the method, hence, it’s crucial that you’re happy.

Permanent makeup should fade

Yes, permanent makeup is considered a tattoo, however not a classic tattoo, but a semi-permanent one, meaning that pigments get lighter over time. If your brows are extremely dark and not loosing intensity, we’re talking about a wrong micropigmentation and your tattoo won’t fade as the pigment entered the skin too deep. The consequence of such unprofessional pigmentation is damage to the collagen and spilling of the pigment, which then encapsulates into those deper layers of skin. This is why we can’t stress enough that brow shading treatments are painless, if you’re in the right hands, becuase the tools used should never cause wounds and scarring deep into the skin.

Removal is painful

For whatever method you decide, if your permanent makeup doens’t look nice and it’s too dark – the cause of that is bad pigmentation. Removing such tattoos becomes painful – physically and monetary way. The most common question we get asked is – can this type of tattoo be removed? The answer is most commonly yes, however, not every tattoo will be removed completely. Laser removal is a method which removes bad micropigmentation the fastest, with the goal of making your brows look nice. Laser is best with darkest pigments, but it’s difficult to know how often the procedure will need retouching. Not knowing what pigments were previously used or how deep the pigment penetrated the skin and the like – those are always the unknowns we come across. Taking into consideration the cost of laser and the fact that you have to leave a month in between treatments, the process of removing bad brow tattoo can be lenghty.

For all the reasons above, when deciding for semi-permanent brow shading, choose carefully, because for perfect brows, you’ll need an expert.

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