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Marra Silk Masks | For Perfect Skin

What makes Marra silk masks so special? Find out in our latest post!

Over the past year, face masks have become a part of our daily lives. We admit – we tried all the variants on the market. From classic medical masks, to cotton ones – until we came to the discovery! Marra silk masks are the perfect solution. Our masks are made from 100% natural material that has become increasingly popular – if you are wondering why, find out below.

Marra silk masks & protection

The goal of wearing a protective mask is to protect against viruses and bacteria, which we expel in the form of small particles through speech, sneezing and coughing. Silk is a completely natural antibacterial material. It has been shown to effectively filter out fine particles and thus prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. Silk is a special material, which has electrostatic properties, so the particles stick to the fabric due to the positive charge, without passing through it. Silk contains copper, which is why it has some antiviral and antibacterial properties. Copper helps fight bacteria and viruses it comes in contact with. Another advantage of silk masks is their antimicrobial action – because it contains materials that maintain the purity of the mask. We can say that silk masks somehow disinfect themselves. In addition, Marra silk masks are designed with 2 protective layers of material, for additional protection.

Natural material for every skin type

This natural material has become increasingly popular because of its benefits on the skin. Similar to silk pillowcases that are softer on the skin and do not cause wrinkles. Marra silk masks are comfortable to wear, especially on sensitive skin. The gentle material provides a feeling of cooling, is hypoallergenic, absorbs less moisture than cotton and does not dry out the skin. Due to the stated properties and amino acids from which it is made, silk does not create irritations on the skin, unlike other materials. Silk also does not absorb the excess sebum that the skin produces, nor does it remove as much moisture from the skin.

Silk is a completely natural material to which people are rarely allergic, precisely because it does not contain chemicals that can cause skin irritations. The mask repels environmental allergens, such as mites and mold. In addition, the skin also breathes, because the material does not cause the so-called “masks” that are common when using masks made of other materials. Marra silk masks do not absorb unpleasant odors, thanks to ions that remove microbes. So your mask will smell fresh through several uses, without fear of bacteria!

Silk is an incredibly lightweight material, which adapts to body temperature, so you can wear Marra silk masks all year round, regardless of the season!

Marra 100% silk mask light pink

Maintenance of Marra silk mask

Marra silk masks are easy to maintain. Before first use, we recommend that you wash the mask by hand with a gentle soap, dry it and iron it to further disinfect it and restore its special shine. When not wearing the mask, keep it in a special bag so that the material is protected and the mask maintains its shape. Silk is a very delicate and sensitive material, so we do not recommend washing your Marra mask in the washing machine, as the fibers will be destroyed over time. In addition, silk masks do not need to be soaked in detergent, and you can wear them up to 4 times without the need to wash – of course if you did not wear makeup, in which case we always reccommend to wash your mask.

Special silk shine

Lastly, Marra silk masks also have adjustable rubber bands to fit the mask to your face for the most comfortable wearing. Due to the special shine of silk, our masks look very attractive. They protect your health, your skin and are beautiful at the same time! Marra silk masks come in 3 colors – choose your favorite at!

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