Marra false lashes | Which ones to choose?

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Marra false lashes | Which ones to choose?

Marra false lashes are made of natural materials for the perfect addition to any makeup look. Almost every woman dreams of long, voluminous eyelashes, however, we are not all blessed with ones. This is where Marra lashes come to play, which are lightweight enough for daily wear, and easy to use. Eyelashes that are voluminous and fit every eye, is the only thing you miss for a glamorous makeup look. Which ones to choose, find out below.

When it comes to decorative cosmetics, the use of false eyelashes falls into the most difficult category, similar to eyeliner. The question always arises, how exactly to apply false eyelashes and keep them lasting. Marra false eyelashes have a very thin lash band, with which you can apply lashes precisely alongside your natural, for a flawless appearance.

For what occasion Marra false lashes work best?

Marra Cosmetics currently has 5 different eyelash models to choose from. The latest addition in our lash category are our Marra Minis, individual lashes made of natural hair. Marra Minis are your ideal choice if you are a fan of a more natural, airy look. Further, they are very easy to apply, especially if you are a beginner. With a small dose of eyelash glue, press the tip of the eyelash to the root of your natural ones.

For a natural and delicate look

Apply Marra Minis one by one to the desired appearance. They come in 3 sizes – small, medium and large. A distinctive feature of these eyelashes is precisely their versatility. You can apply them in a thinner layer for as natural, daily makeup as possible, and you can also apply more of them for a thicker, more intense look. Another interesting thing about Marra Minis is that they are so thin, when they fit with your natural eyelashes, you will not even notice them, and your eyes will be accentuated.

Emphasize your eyes without excessive makeup

Fairy lashes made of silk, beautiful and voluminous, suitable for wearing every day without feeling the weight on the eye. Marra Fairy lashes are the most common choice for brides because they are light, fluffy, for s delicate yet glamorous bridal makeup. Furthermore, the eyelashes have a very thin strip that is applied above your eyelashes, without damaging your natural eyelashes and eyelids. Marra eyelashes are of high quality and can be worn comfortably up to 15 times if you maintain them. Fairy lashes are an ideal choice for you if you prefer a more almond shaped eye, as the edges of the lashes are elongated.

Highlight the beauty of your eyes with Marra false lashes

Bright & Shine eyelashes will give your eyes a glamorous look, accentuated 3D volume, which make your eyelashes thicker, regardless of your chosen makeup. The very name Bright & Shine speak about how versatile they are. On the one hand, it will give your overall appearance freshness and highlight the shine of your eyes. On the other hand, the 3D effect of eyelashes will give a distinctive feature to any makeup. They fit each eye, however, they need to be measured before applying them, in order to ideally fit your eye.

Feel powerful

Our Marra Queen silk lashes, ultra airy, to complement your glamorous makeup. The length of queen lashes will accentuate each eye and fit perfectly with a more dramatic, smokey eye look. These eyelashes are without a doubt your strongest asset if you prefer more pronounced eye makeup. They are also very light and easy to apply, and with a little practice, Queen eyelashes will become your indispensable addition to any evening makeup.

Diva for special occasions

Diva 01 eyelashes, our best-selling set, a favorite pair of Instagram bloggers, are Marra’s most dramatic eyelashes. Made of natural hair, precisely rounded tips, very glamorous and adaptable to any eye. Diva 01 are definitely statement eyelashes, so if you’re one of those who likes striking, bold makeup, this is the set for you! It’s important to note that you can use Diva 01 eyelashes up to 15 times, with proper maintanance.

Marra false lashes highlight existing beauty

All Marra eyelashes are designed to easily accentuate your eyes and make them seductive, tempting. When you highlight your eyes, each makeup gets a ‘special something’. Eyelashes are made of natural materials, such as silk, to make each look as natural and realistic as possible. In addition, natural materials are easier to wear daily, and with gentler sets of eyelashes, such as Marra Minis and Fairy, no one will even notice that you are wearing falsies! Your eyes will be accentuated thanks to the volume of Marra lashes, but they will perfectly bland in with your natural ones.

Persistent in the most emotional moments

No matter what the occasion, Marra lashes won’t disappoint you. Whether you are invited to a wedding, a romantic dinner or spending time outside on a hot summer day – Marra eyelashes will remain untacked. Through tears and laughter, your makeup will last! No one wants mascara running down their faces, especially during a special ceremony. That’s why Marra eyelashes are here, which require minimal glue and effort for long-lasting makeup and perfectly prominent eyes.

A long-term solution for your lashes

False eyelashes won’t encourage your naturals to grow, however, applying mascara frequently and removing it sometimes leads to a weakening of your natural eyelashes, resulting in hair loss and brittle eyelashes. Not to mention how much removing mascara harms your eyes, because the skin of the eyelids is thin and gentle. Tiny wrinkles around the eyes will become increasingly pronounced when constantly pulling it while removing makeup. With Marra lashes, your will resovle this problem long -term, precisely because they don’t require layers of mascara – they are enough by themselves! Also, they do not damage your eyelashes or eyelids, and your eyelashes will remain intact and healthy.

You will love them from the beginning

Marra false eyelashes are there to complete your every makeup, whether you like a fresh, gentler look or a pronounced, more dramatic look – you are offered glamour and volume to your liking. Of all the Marra models, there is a perfect one for you, from the more subtle to concrete sets of eyelashes. Fairy set is there for those romantic moments, Marra Minis for a natural, airier look. Use Queen lashes to complete your smokey eye, Bright & Shine to accentuate the thickness of your eyelashes, and Diva 01 for an evening out. Step into the day with beautiful Marra eyelashes and complete your every makeup.

Adjust Marra false lashes to your eye

Except Marra Minis, all Marra eyelashes need to be measured before applying lash glue, in order to adjust the eyelashes to your eye. With a little practice, applying lashes will be the easiest step of your makeup routine. If you haven’t tried Marra eyelashes yet, now’s the time to do it. Find your favorite set and give your eyes a touch of Marra glamour!

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