Three favorite eyeliners | by Marija Butkovic

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Three favorite eyeliners | by Marija Butkovic

Today we share with you which are the three favorite eyeliners of Marija Butković. One of the biggest fall trends is eyeliner on the lids; cat-eye is also worn, a pencil in a water line as worn in the 90s, but also colorful liquid eyeliners that allow you to easily draw lines on and above the eyelid. And while the cat eye is a distinctly feminine choice, putting a black liner around the eye gives a slightly grunge look, creative eyeliner lines are quite high fashion spheres, but will look just as good and fresh if performed on a minimalist, slightly glossy foundation that looks youthful. At the same time, it is a great base for any makeup look this fall. Which, among other things, was shown by make-up artists at fashion weeks for the current autumn and winter, for example at shows of Missoni, Guy Laroche and Arthur Arbesser brands.

However, it’s common knowledge that not every eyeliner is equally precise, pigmented or easy to work with, and that a thin and even line on the eye is one of the most difficult movements to master in makeup – it’s important to have a quality tool to work with. After years of experience and product testing, Marija has found her winning formulas – three favorite eyeliners.

What are Marija Butković’s three favorite eyeliners?

1. MAC Cosmetics Kohl Eye Liner “Teddy” – “I love this eye pencil because it fits any eye color, it’s a great eyeshadow base and very nicely emphasizes the lash line and eye contour without making the eyes appear ‘closed’ or ‘over the top’.”

2. Shu Uemura Calligraph: ink Eyeliner – “I like it because it’s easy to put on, and it has such a formula that if you make a mistake when applying it, it’s very easy to wipe off and correct the mistake.”

3. Giorgio Armani Beauty Smooth Silk Eye Pencil “Plum” – “Apart from blending nicely and has such shape which allows a quick blend, it is also brown-purple, which emphasizes brown-green eyes that most people in Croatia have.”

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