How to do powder brows | By Marija Butković

Marija Butković vas uči kako se rade puder obrve u Marra Sudio Zagreb

How to do powder brows | By Marija Butković

Powder brows or ombre brows are a semi-permanent treatment of eyebrow shading that fills your brows with tiny pigment particles for a ‘powdery’, delicate, airy look. The effect of powder brows is achieved by shading, a technique that uses an apparatus and micro needle, and penetrates through the surface layer of the skin. In Marija Buković’s studio we do powder brows in a way in which we use as much of your existing brow shape as possible, to make the result the most natural.

Marija Butković – Marra Studio

In Marija Butković’s studio we are educated artists for permanent cosmetics and we adjust your brows to your face and personality. Using the powder technique, we give your brows thickness and definition. The technique itself is very versatile, meaning your brows can look soft or bold – depending on your preference. 10 years ago Marija finished an education for semi-permanent makeup and micropigmentation, and perfected her knowledge on the World conference dedicated for permanent makeup in Amsterdam in 2012.

After many years of training and working with clients, Marija started her own educations where she passes on her knowledge of permanent cosmetics and new trends in the industry. There are currently two professional assistants working at Marra Studio who have followed in Marija’s footsteps. Our dedication to work and each client is just one of the specifics with which we stand out from our competitors. We try to take into account your wishes combined with expertise in the technique of powder brows itself, as well as the material with which we work.

What does the powder brows process look like?

Before shading, we apply a local anesthetic, it’s important to note that the anesthetic must be of very high quality, to reduce even the smallest iritation during the tretment. The treatment is completely painless, however, due to surface trauma to the skin, we use an anestetic for your convenience. After about 20 minutes, we start drawing the eyebrows manually, and measure them to make them as similar as possible – in height, thickness and length. When it comes to the shade of your brows, rely on our expert team, because the pigments we use are always adjusted to your natural hair color and tone of your skin.

At Marra studio, through brief consultations prior to powder tehcnique, we attempt to achieve a desired shade of brows that will suit you, your face and overall personality. Once we agree on the shape, we begin the powder brow process. For the treatment a special apparatus is used with a micro needle that deposits small pigment dots into your skin with a hand motion. Tiny pixels make this technique special, because with shading, we can adjust the amount of pigment for desired density and thickness of the brows.

Marija Butković is teaching you how powder brows technique affect your natural brows?

Powder brows are done on the surface layer of the skin, causing minimal trauma. The needle we use never goes deep into your skin, leaving scars or wounds. By shading powder brows we never go to the depth of your brow hairs, and therefore your eyebrows grow freely. The color of your hairs, their density and the growth and loss of your eyebrows is something that is not affected by the shading. Your eyebrows will grow and fall out undisturbed depending on their life expectancy, which is an average of 4 months.

Eyebrow care after treatment

Immediately after the powder brow treatment, you receive detailed instructions for eyebrow care. The pigment may seem darker than the final result, however, in three to four weeks, the color will fade 30-50%. Eyebrows will also peel off, during the first week, after which the pigment can disappear completely – this is a normal process of healing. In just two weeks after treatment, the pigment will become more visible, and your eyebrows will be defined. Afterwards, when the healing process is over, we do a so called refresh when we can additionally accentuate the brows or darken them, depensing on your wishes.

Pigment lifespan and duration of treatment

As for the technique of powder brows itself, it’s much longer lasting than previous techniques of semi-lasting eyebrow drawing. Powder brows, with proper care, can last up to 3 years. The shading treatment itself takes approximately 2 hours, which includes the anesthetic, manual sketching and powder technique. After two powder treatments using the technique, your eyebrows will fade evenly and become brighter. Another distinctive feature of this technique is precisely that the eyebrows lose intensity equally. Unlike previous techniques, with powder brows, your brows will be defined and lasting for much longer!

How often should the pigment be renewed?

After two treatments, the pigment can hold for up to 3 years! It is important to note – the longevity of the pigment depends 50% on the technique and pigments we use, the remaining 50% is your skin type, brow care after the treatment and your lifestyle. If you love tanning in the sun, the pigment will fade quicker, however the shape won’t be lost. The brows will gradually loose intensity, so retouching the pigment depends exclusively on you and how light you accept your brows to be. If you prefer thicker, darker brows, we suggest you don’t wait for the pigment to completely fade, to freshen up the color.

Powder technique for all skin types

Powder brows are recommended to everyone, precisely because of the fact that we can adjust the density and amount of pixels. They are suitable for all skin types, but are an ideal choice if you have oily skin, because they last longer than previous techniques. Oily skin has a tendency to reject the pigment faster, so it’s not surprising when techniques such as microblading fade within a few months. When we speak of powder technique, due to the act of shading, the brows will last much longer, even on oily skin.

Marija Butković – Marra Academy

If permanent cosmetics is something that interests you and you have talent, enter the Marra Academy in Marija Butković’s studio. Educate yourself with one of the best Croatian eyebrow specialists in thoroughly designed education for powder brows. Learn everything from the basics and gather the necessary knowledge and skills to shade eyebrows with powder technique. Education is organized in only 2 days and you go through all the details related to correct shaping of brows, the materials with which we work and of course the process of shading. Within Marra Academy, you also learn about skin anatomy, skin types, lymph nodes, undertones and possible conditions which can result from unprofessional micropigmentation.

During the education, with professional leadership of Marija Butković, you will learn everything related to the powder technique process itself, and she will walk you through hygiene protocols and working with a micro needle. Once you’ve perfected powder brow theory, it’s your turn to work on the model. While working on the model, you learn to properly make a sketch by which you shade the brows with the powder technique. Before shading, you are also taught the correct shading angle, body position, and the use of anesthetics. After the treatment, you pass on the details of brow care and how to maintain them to your client.

Throughout the entire education, Marija is here for support and all questions regarding the powder brow procedure. Upon finishing the education, you recieve Marra certificate of completion of Marra Academy, contacts for the acquisition of materials, and support in the future. The most important thing is that by enrolling in Marra Academy you will get the necessary knowledge and skills to start working with clients on your own.

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