Makeup looks that will last through holiday parties

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Makeup looks that will last through holiday parties

How to create makeup that will last through holiday parties? Makeup for special occasions is time consuming and it is essential to ensure durability. But how do we accomplish that? By using products that guarantee longevity, water resistance and water resistance. These formulas guarantee durability even while sweating, though their textures don’t look fake and heavy.

This topic has been popping up quite often lately and we have a lot of questions about product tips and recommendations, to make your makeup last all day. During the hot summer months, preventing makeup from melting can be quite a challenge. There are also those occasions, like weddings or baby showers, when skipping makeup is simply not an option. ADUs are the perfect choice for small family gatherings. Preventing makeup from melting becomes especially challenging if you already have oily skin.

Makeup that is suitable for holiday parties

Good makeup starts after adequate facial skincare, which is the basis of any quality makeup. The first step is an example, a product with a gel or creamy texture that fills the pores, nourishes the skin and creates a protective layer on it that will enable the powder to adhere better. For events such as New Year’s it’s is highly recommended to use foundations that have velvet or mat texture because they last longer than those with shiny finish and require less fixing throughout the night. For a more natural look you can apply them using your fingers or blend with a blending sponge, although using a brush will give you heavier coverage. By making sure your base is perfected, most of the products that follow will last longer.

In addition to powders, mascara and lipstick, which emphasize key points of the face, must also last the night. A good choice is waterproof black mascara, because it will provide a beautiful look without a “panda” look. Later, the mascara will be very easy to remove with a two-phase make-up remover. Long-lasting matte lipstick is the most durable weapon in the fight against leaving prints on glasses, but also on someone’s lips. In addition, long-lasting matte lipstick does not require repair during the evening, unless you eat greasy foods. The final step will be a setting spray; we recommend using those with small mist particles, to prevent ruining your makeup.

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