Contouring | Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation

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Contouring | Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation

Believe it or not, people have been doing face contouring since the sixteenth century. We can all agree that this was not big of a deal until the Kardashian era (sometime around 2012). Either way, this makeup technique truly changed the game. You can contour your cheekbones and make your face look narrower. You can also contour the upper part of the forehead, to draw attention to the eyes. You can make the nose more upright, define the jaw line or create the illusion of a longer neck. The possibilities are endless – that is, if you are equipped with the right products. Fortunately, the contouring palette comes with everything you need (except maybe a brush and sponge) to achieve the desired, contoured look you crave.

We love options with multiple shades, which allows us to combine colors for the desired effect. Many contouring palettes also come with a highlight color, or highlighter, which is key to creating dimension on the face. “When I look for a contour palette, I make sure it’s suitable for use on a wide range of skin tones, first and foremost. I also think the formulation is very important. For example, I like my contour to be pigmented and mixed,” says makeup artist Marija Butkovic. Facial contouring is really easier with a quality product.

Contouring Palette Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation

Contouring is a discipline that must be mastered – but there are products that can make your learning period easier. One of them is the Ultra HD Foundation palette, made by Make Up For Ever.

“The palette is great because it’s primarily multifunctional. Inside is de facto the famous Make Up For Ever Ultra HD powder in stick format, but this way it’s more practical for everyday use and travel. The palette combines 12 shades, and at the same time “plays” concealer, foundation, bronzer, highlighting and contouring products. You can also darken or lighten your foundation with it! I think the palette is very profitable for makeup artists, but also for makeup lovers, because there are a lot of different colors with which you can fix all sorts of situations, “explained Marija Butković.