Eye cream | How to apply it correctly?

how to apply eye cream

Eye cream | How to apply it correctly?

How to apply eye cream? Closer to the corner of the eye or more towards the cheeks? The skin around the eyes is extremely thin and sensitive, so it is important to provide adequate care. Positioning the eye cream can be a difficult task – but it should not be skipped. In addition to helping the skin, the eye cream will keep the skin under the eyes young and well taken care of. It will also reduce wrinkles and dark circles, and prepare the skin for applying makeup.

The desired cream for the eye area should be taken with a ring finger, preferably the size of half a pea per eye, as this is the finger with the mildest touch. Spread the cream over the entire area under the eye, towards the cheekbone and up to the root of the eyebrow and continue towards the temple. Then gently but vigorously massage the said area with movements going from the nose outwards, for approximately 30 seconds. It’s not necessary to apply the products on the eyelid, nor along the line of the lower lashes, unless the skin is extremely dry.

Repeat the procedure every morning and evening, without skipping the massage, because it helps to penetrate the product into the skin, but also has a drainage effect – it removes excess fluid and thus reduces swelling and dark circles. With perseverance, you will also notice how your eyelids have hardened and lifted, how your eyes look bigger and more open, your look fresher, and thus your whole face younger.

Eye cream may sound too serious or like something reserved for people “older” than you. It is true that everyone can benefit from creams for the eye area, no matter if they are in their twenties or fifties. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest on the body and as such is extremely fragile and delicate. It also means that “it loses water faster than other areas on your face or body, making it more prone to drying out,” says Dr. Med. Dr. Cavita Mariwalla from New York.

Can a moisturizer replace an eye cream?

No, you can’t use any moisturizer as an eye cream. “The products you use on the rest of the face are not intended for the area around the eyes,” explains Caroline Robinson, Ph.D. Med., Founder and CEO of Tone Dermatology in Chicago. The use of a product that is specially formulated for the eyes is mandatory, not only to avoid the potential irritation of delicate skin, but also to achieve the best anti-aging results.

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