HD brows, henna and brow lamination

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HD brows, henna and brow lamination

HD brows, henna brows and brow lamination – what procedure works best for you? Perfectly shaped brows are every woman’s dream. Whether it’s naturally thin or thick brows, everyone wants them looking similar and neat. Brows throughout history went through many changes regarding their shape. Plucking trends are changing, but we can safely say that we’re returning to a more natural looking brows, which suit your face.

What are HD brows?

In Marra studio we are offering a service of ‘High Definition’ brows, aka a shaping treatment which includes coloring the brows, measuirng, plucking and threading, as well as shaping the brows using a gel or balm as a finishing touch. This treatment also includes short consultations regarding your brows. Depending on the current condition of your brows we advise you to how to take care of them, which products are worth trying out and ways in which to maintain your brows until your next HD treatment.

We often come across very thin brows that have been overplucked through the years and shaped wrongly. The HD treatment in this case serves to shape the brows and fill them in with brow pencils so that your brows return to their original state and appear thicker. There are of course options for permanent shading which we can recommend, if that is something you wish. There is also an option that your brows re-grow with the help of a brow serum which will boost the hair growth. Our recommendation is Marra serum for brows and lashes which is proven to encourage hair growth and nourishes them in the process.

How does HD brows treatment look like in Marra studio

The treatment is very detailed and personalized. The point is that we dedicate ourselves to your brows and your face. You can rely on us with confidence and tell us all your concerns regarding your brows. You’ll also notice that we don’t have a stencil which we work of, because the brows are adjusted to your face and overall personality. Our HD treatment starts with using a special dye on your brows, which after 5-7 minutes is removed and we then start measuring your brows. Considering that your brows are never identical, we measure them using a special compass to achieve similarity, same brow height, length and the like. The compass that we use is a golden cut measure (tool used in permanent makeup) which allows us to achieve the wanted symmetry.

Further, the brows are hand sketched using a brow pencil, and around the sketch we remove the excess hairs using pearled wax and thread. (threading) Both hair removal practices are applied during our HD treatment and are suitable for all skin types, If you are prone to allergic reactions to was or have extremelly sensitive skin, it’s important you let us know before the treatment. Once the brows are shaped, we can lightly fill them in with a brow pencil if you wish. For the end, we apply a transparent gell or balm on your brows, to make them very neat.

How long does HD brows treatment last?

In Marra studio, our HD treatment of brow styling lasts approximately 30 minutes and it’s painless.

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What are henna brows?

Henna (lat. Cannae) is a natural dye that is made by crushing the leaves of the same plant to get a fine smooth powder. Through history it’s used for hair tinting, and with time it became popular in brow coloring. Henna we use in the studio comes in many shades and it’s mixed with water to achieve a paste like consistency that is applied to the brows. Henna brows allow us to define the brows and shape them and that the effect lasts longer than the average brow dye or brow pencil.

Advantages of henna brows

One of the biggest advantages of henna brows is their longevity. Henna grips to the skin and the hairs and gradually looses intensity. Henna lasts for 4 weeks on the skin, on the brow hairs somewhat longer, so that the shape we create with henna lasts for about 6 weeks, depending on your skin type. Another wonderful advantage of henna is that it’s completely natural! No chemicals, no allergic reactions – just pretty, long lasting brows! Ideal solution for people with thin, over-plucked brows, as well as for those who have naturally thick brows, because with henna we can enhance the brow appearance, highlight their shape or even fill possible imperfections.

Duration of henna treatment

Henna treatment in Marra studio lasts for about 45 minutes and includes prior brow styling. Upon arrival to the treatment the brows are measured, waxed and threaded, after which are filled with henna that stays on the brows for 15-20 minutes. On the very beginnings of the brows we remove the henna few minutes before, for the result to look natural. WIth a wet cotton pad we then remove the remaining henna from your brows and apply a nourishing gel or balm. The result are very natural, defined eyebrows. Henna treatment is suitable for all skin types, however if you have allergies or certain skin conditions, it’s important to note them before coming to the treatment.

Brow lamination

Lamination or laminating brows is a brow lifting treatment in the desired direction with the help of che,mical lotions. The treatment is painless and last for about 1 hour. The lamination effect is visible for about 2 weeks and is recommended that you don’t wet your brows excessively or apply agressive makeup removers. The shape we achieve with brow lamination will last longer if you don’t rub your brows.

Who is lamination process recommended to?

The treatment for lifting the brows in the desired shape is ideal for perople that have thick brows, even unruly brows. The process itself gives the brows an effect of fullness, but also neatness. It’s not suitable for people with sensitive skin or people who have skin diseases in the brow area. It’s important to note that brow lamination doesn’t have an age limit, and as such is recomended to younger and older women.

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Brow styling at Marra studio

Aside from the above services, in our studio we also offer permanent makeup services. The details for our treatments can be found on our website, and the price list can be found here

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