Facial detox | How to do it at home?

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Facial detox | How to do it at home?

If you haven’t done a facial detox before, it’s time to finally do it. Winter has already left its mark on the skin, and if the “burden” of holiday parties is added to it, the end result is usually dry, sensitive, lifeless and well-clogged skin. That is why experts suggest that January be the month of detox, both life and body, and facial care that needs intensive cleansing. However, it does not presuppose the use of facial cleansing products, clay masks and peels, but a mix of patience, selected products and a healthy diet – with a handful of water.

How to do a facial detox

1) Peeling – it will remove the accumulated dead cells from the surface of the skin, but also encourage the skin to regenerate. After peeling, the skin will “breathe” and be ready for better absorption of active substances from serums and creams. Mechanical peels have become less popular since facial care acids hit the commercial market, because in addition to removing dead skin cells, they work to even out the complexion, solve skin texture problems and provide anti-aging treatment. 2) Mask – depending on the skin type, you can use revitalizing masks or those for deep hydration. These masks will make sure that moisture enters deep into the layers of the skin and stays there, while refreshing the face, getting rid of grayness and giving it a glow, leaving the skin extremely soft. After the mask, the skin will look less tired and there will be a “boost” of quality ingredients along with your well-established care routine.

3) Rest your face from makeup – although quality makeup with proper skin cleansing will not disrupt the skin barrier or cause skin problems, it’s occasionally good to leave the face to rest from wearing makeup. Try to take off your makeup right after coming home from work and spend the weekend completely without make-up – because experts say that this is how the skin will work best.

4) Sauna – going to the sauna is certainly not an everyday choice, but it is a method used by Scandinavians, who visit the sauna at least on a weekly basis. It is fantastic for cleansing the skin and body of toxins, helps keep it young, relieves stress … Benefit is a handful! And after a good “sweat” the skin looks refreshed and is indescribably soft. 5) Water – in addition to helping maintain the required level of hydration in the skin, water speeds up metabolism and encourages the removal of toxins from the system. Forget for a moment about juices, carbonated drinks and alcohol and dedicate yourself to drinking at least three liters of water a day and you will notice a significant difference after a month.

6) Natural juices – with water, it is recommended to do the so-called. juicing, i.e. a cure of squeezed fruit and vegetable juices; they have an anti-inflammatory effect, speed up metabolism, work to strengthen the immune system, flush toxins from the body and promote healthy digestive tract, and it’s recommended to drink them from 3 to a maximum of 10 days. The next alternative is lemon and ginger tea, which is drunk with a normal diet and has the same effects as juicing – although less intense and slower.

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