Beauty Questions and Answers 2019.

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Beauty Questions and Answers 2019.

The first is related to the brand, but the rest are everyday life!

Have you ever wondered which beauty terms are the most searched for? Although each Google report at the end of the year brings completely new search statistics, users still google general terms and search for particularly useful information, such as the correct way to apply blush or partial lashes. To ease your doubts, we bring you the answers to the most googled questions of 2019.

Answers to the most googled beauty questions in 2019.

1. How to put false eyelashes?

False eyelashes require a little practice, but the recipe is simple; before applying eyelash glue, apply the lash to your eye to make sure it fits you – if not, shorten your lashes as needed. You will shorten your lashes at the outer corners more often. Then put the glue on the edge of the false eyelashes, pay attention to the amount of glue. The layer should be uniform, by no means too thin because the lashes will not stick, also do not put too much glue because it could slip into your eye. We recommend DUO white glue. Leave it for about 20 seconds to start sticking more intensely and then lean it against the very edge of the lashes with tweezers. It’s most practical to glue the middle first, and then use tweezers to lean the edges of the lashes more properly against the root of the natural lashes. On the inner corner of the eye, make sure that the false eyelash is placed exactly on the natural lashes and on the outer corners you can raise it up to 1 mm from the natural lashes to visually raise the corners of the eye.

2. How to apply blush correctly?

The blush is easiest to apply with a more precise oblique brush, and the position itself depends on the facial features. Some will fit more on the cheekbone, and others around the cheekbones. We reveal to you the secret that you will never make a mistake. Use a pencil or brush to measure the vertical line to the outer corner of the eye and the horizontal line of the middle of the ear, then lean the brush with blush at the intersection of these lines and gently apply it in small circular motions. If you like the blush more towards the middle of your face then move the brush lightly towards the top of the cheekbone (the apple is the volume we get when we smile), another way is to apply the blush along the cheekbone taking care not to apply under the cheekbone where the contour is located, nor too high on the part where we put the highlighter.

3. How to apply toner?

You can apply the toner or tonic by putting it in your palms and dabbing it on your face or dripping 3-4 drops on a cotton pad and wiping your face with it. The tonic is the second step in your facial care routine, it’s applied after washing the face, and before applying the serum and can be used in the morning and evening.

4. How to use liquid foundation?

The liquid foundation is applied to naked, moisturized face or on top of a primer. It can be applied with a make-up sponge, brush (flat or round) and fingers. The best application is achieved by tapping, while in circular motions you will get a more natural base fused with the skin. Liquid foundation is used to cover imperfections and even out the complexion. If you have problematic complexion, never ‘mask’ the whole face with heavy foundations – apply a light layer on the whole face, then dab an extra amount of powder on the problematic parts with a blender which will also secure the foundation where the skin is problematic.

5. How to put partial lashes?

Partial lashes are somewhat more complicated to apply than classic false lashes because they require greater precision. The lashes are taken strand by strand, and eyelash glue is placed on top. The lash is then glued with tweezers to your natural lashes, from their upper side. Apply them as much as you want and place from the outside to the inside of the eye. If you want the effect of a cat’s eye, glue smaller lashes on the inner corner of the eye, and longer on the outer, while you will glue the same length everywhere for a uniform natural effect. Be sure to avoid sticking the longest lashes in the outer corner of the eye, and on the last natural lashes, i.e. the outer 2-4 mm of the eye, glue shorter lashes on that part, otherwise the eyes won’t seem ‘lifted’.

6. How is coconut oil used on hair?

Coconut oil is used as a mask. It’s best to apply a rich amount of oil to the hair before bed, put the hair in a tight turban or cap and then fall asleep. In the morning, the hair should be washed twice with a shampoo followed by a conditioner.

7. How is self-tanning agent applied?

The self-tanner usually comes in the form of a liquid, lotion or foam. For an even tan, it’s recommended to do self-tanning before going to bed, do a full body scrub and dry the skin well before applying the product. Caress the body in its entirety – first the torso, then the arms, then the legs or vice versa. The product should be thoroughly and circularly massaged into the skin and wait for it to dry completely before going to bed. After applying the product, you should not take a shower until the morning.

8. How to apply mascara correctly?

The mascara is applied from the root of the lashes to the tips, and in parallel you will do small zig-zag movements to cover the lashes from the bottom to the top as thoroughly as possible.

9. How to apply the primer on the face?

Proper application of the primer depends on the type of primer. If it is a moisturizing primer, it’s massaged into the face like a cream, and if it is a mattifying primer, it’s most likely best patted on the face. You can also apply the primer only on the center of the face. If it’s a corrective primer that will neutralize redness or hyperpigmentation, apply it by dabbing on the part you want to correct. Apply neutral primers as you apply daily care, and massage mattifying primers into the t zone and the parts of your face that tend to shine. Although, from experience, if you have problems with oily skin, a mattifying base can have the opposite effect and encourage the skin to secrete even more sebum while drying the surface. Choose moisturizing primers through which the skin will breathe, which will make the makeup long lasting.

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