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Advantages of powder brows | Marra Studio

What are the advantages of powder brows? Powder brows, ombre brows or so called microshading is the most requested techniques of eyebrow shading in the world. Imagine waking up with perfectly shaped eyebrows! Now that’s possible. With powder tecnhique, your brows will be defined, yet natural.

What makes powder brows so popular?

Powder brows look most natural precisely because of the technique itself. WIth the help of a micro needle and apparatus, The pigments, in a pixel form, are dosed under the skin. Therefore, we can adjust the amount of pigment so that your eyebrows have some dimension. The pigments used are of high quality, enhancing the longevity of powder brows. Furthermore, the powder technique is a less invasive treatment than the former shading techniques and the process is completely painless.

When speaking of longevity of brows, powder technique is a semi-permanent shading technique that lasts up to 3 years. With proper care after the treatment, your powder brows fade evenly, but are durable. It’s also important to emphasize that if you have oily skin, this trend is ideal for you! Powder brows are done with a special micro needle on the surface layer of the skin, with minimal damage, without scarring and negative repercussions. The result are thicker, well-groomed eyebrows that fade gradually and evenly.

Why to choose Marra Studio?

What makes us different? Our knowledge, dedication to our work, effort and many years of experience working with clients are just some of the advantages of Marra studio. Dedication to each client and acceptance of your wishes is something we strive for every day over and over again. We always try to adapt your eyebrows to your face and personality – without patterning. A personalized approach is something we are particularly proud of.

Powder brows are an ideal technique if you prefer a natural look, without having to fill your eyebrows with brow shadows or pencils every day. Eyebrows look shaded, defined, yet they are subtle and airy. The eyeshadow effect on the brows that lasts makes them special and gives advantage over other techniques of semi-lasting eyebrow drawing.

Frequent misconceptions of powder brows technique

One of the common questions we face is ‘will the eyebrows look fake’? The answer is no – powder brows are not a classic tattoo, because the needle never shades the brows at such depth. The powder technique is gentle, much less invasive, and the technique itself does not allow the pigment to enter deep into the skin. All the more so, the brows will never look too dark, quite the opposite! Eyebrows will be accentuated, airy and above all – natural.

The goal is to make your eyebrows shaded and defined, without the frequent need for retouching and using eyebrow pencils. Powder technique is also very versatile; if you prefer a more natural appearance of the brows, they are shaded lighter for a more airy, powdery look. If you are however a supporter of pronounced, defined brows, powder technique achieves the desired appearance.

Symmetry is essential

I’m sure you’ve heard that famous line ‘eyebrows are sisters, not twins’, which we completely agree with. Nevertheless, in our studio, we try to even them out to make them look almost perfect . Taking into consideratrion your face, expressions, initial eyebrow appearance – we try to work with existing eyebrows and perfect them. Before shading, we measure and mark the eyebrows to achieve symmetry. We never put our focus on just one eyebrow, but try to make them as similar as possible, in both height and fullness.

It’s also essential to know that your eyebrows can never be identical, since the face is not identical on the left and right. Your facial expressions, tiny muscle movements repeatedly cause one eyebrow to be located a few millimeters higher than the other. And that’s perfectly normal. That is why, with proper measurement and manual drawing of the shape, we come to the sketch by which we then do the powder technique.

What are the advantages of powder brows?

Compared to previous shading techniques, powder is one of the most sought after for long-term time and money savings. Unlike other techniques that often require retouching and repairing, powder brows are more durable, meaning you won’t need eyebrow pencils, dyes, or anything like that. Powder brows are there to last and with minimal maintenance your eyebrows will be beautiful and durable for up to 3 years. In addition, powder technique makes the skin go through less trauma than other treatments with semi-permanent make-up.

In just a few days, the skin closes, ‘locking’ the pigment and eventual scarring disappears. After the treatment itself, the eyebrows will look thicker and darker than the final result. Then they gradually lighten, approximately 30 -50%, which you can expect within 4 weeks of the first treatment. The treatment is gentle, does not cause irritation on the skin, which makes it ideal even for people with sensitive skin. Also, the powder technique is the perfect option for people who use makuep daily and for those who don’t prefer to wear makeup.

Marra Academy

The new powder brow trend dominates the beauty industry. Beautiful eyebrows emphasize the beauty of the face and play a key role in the appearance and expression of the face itself. Apart from a smile, the most prominent feature of the face are the brows. Emphasizing the eyebrows with powder technique, the face acquires a youthful appearance, because the eyes are accentuated, and any facial irregularities are hidden. At the excellently designed Marra education, with the expert guidance of Marija Butković, master the technique of powder brows and learn everything necessary to start working independently.

Marra Academy is intended for beginners and artists with previous experience in permanent cosmetics. Starting from the basics, learn all the tricks for perfectly shaded powder brows as well as the necessary knowledge and skills. Upon finishing the education, we are at your disposal for support and assistance.

Education for powder brows lasts two days, which includes the theoretical and practical part. During the first day of education, you get acquainted with the basics of eyebrow shading, if you are a beginner. If you do have previous experience in drawing eyebrows, we take you through frequent customer questions and using the powder brow apparatus. Furthermore, we guide you through possible skin conditions, color theory, the use of anesthetics and hygiene protocols.

After perfecting the theory, on the second day of education you practice the technique of powder brows on artificial skin and work on the model. You conduct consultations with the model, sketch the eyebrows and prepare to shade their brows with the powder technique. In this part of education we go through, in detail, the ways of holding the apparatus, shading angles, body position, use of anesthetics and the like.

Furthermore, at the end of the shading treatment on your model, we talk about eyebrow care after the treatment itself, to learn to convey to clients essential information before starting independent work. It’s also important that we pay special attention to the natural appearance of the eyebrows, hygiene and customer satisfaction.

Marra Academy allows you to become a virtuoso in shading eyebrows with powder technique and get the confidence you need to bravely start your own work. In addition, we award you a Marra certificate of completed education, contacts for the acquisition of materials and support in future work.

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