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We believe that every woman has that something, something that is not the easiest to describe. Maybe it’s a smile or a look, but all together it leaves the impression that she doesn’t care, that she is always in a fight, that she does her best for her dreams, desires and ideals.


Real women are fighters who are not ready to surrender to something negative, something easier, but to surrender to change that requires a stronger stake from us, that is a stake in our future, and in all this we remain gentle in expression, look and smile.


We celebrate the beauty of a woman’s character, the beauty that changes, the beauty that celebrates something that every woman has, that is unique, striking and irreplaceable.

We outline the beauty of character, which in its own way is the seal or signature of every woman, it remains behind us, our character, our expression of ourselves, our self is precisely in the beauty of our character.

Marija Butković

A love of art from an early age and more than a decade of work and continuous improvement has resulted in the Studio where I work today and my own line of professional make-up called Marra.


My professional path began fifteen years ago, but my love for art has been present since my earliest childhood, when I started doing my first sketches. Even as a little girl, I was fascinated by the pencil drawing technique because of its precision and elegance. I drew models for hours, on which the eyes and eyebrows were always drawn to the smallest detail, but at the same time these models did not have hair or wore shoes.


I started my professional career more than ten years ago, when I graduated from the Make Up For Ever Academy in Paris. There I gained the necessary knowledge which I further applied and perfected on clients – wonderful strong women with whom I still work today. It was not easy for me at first. I fought for every engagement because I wanted to show that makeup is what I know. I put a lot of effort, willpower and love into the business and created a strong standing firm.


I believe that you should always work on yourself with dedication, so I regularly attend seminars, trainings and trainings to complete and upgrade my professional skills. In 2008 in London I completed training for semi-permanent make-up and micropigmentation. I further perfected my knowledge of permanent make-up and micropigmentation in 2012 in Amsterdam at the World Conference dedicated to permanent make-up.


The studio where I work today and my own brand Marra are the crown of my dream – the result of perseverance and daily work. I love my job and I enjoy it. However, without family support, I would not be what I am today – a successful make-up artist and a happy mother and wife.

Clients and cosmetics

During my career, I have collaborated with leading domestic magazines, done numerous make-ups for fashion shows, series, editorials and advertising campaigns. I was lucky to always work with wonderful strong women.


My clients are women of different ages, occupations, from various backgrounds. Each is different, unusual and original in its own way. I believe in the uniqueness of every woman’s beauty and I always try to emphasize and emphasize it with make-up.


I gladly pass on my knowledge and many years of experience to girls who want to turn their passion for makeup into a life calling. I believe that the individual education I conduct is the best way to get acquainted with the world of makeup

The make-up I use

In addition to education, it’s equally important to use top-notch make-up. I use Make Up For Ever makeup, as well as MAC make-up since I have been an active member of MAC PRO team for many years, intended for professional make-up artists.