5 drugstore products used by famous makeup artists

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5 drugstore products used by famous makeup artists

We are presenting you 5 drugstore products recommended by world-famous make-up artists. You read that right, a drugstore is a source of fantastic products!

We live in a golden age of drugstore beauty. Where we once had to sacrifice effectiveness for affordability, this is now not the case with the best drugstore makeup. The quality is definitely on the rise. Even average products won’t survive on drugstore shelves because makeup from drugstores is the best-selling. The prices of drugstore products correspond to the largest number of people who use make-up, so the competition on the shelves is quite strong,

You can find products in any color and easily stock up on makeup for a variety of techniques, such as smokey eyes. There is no reason to avoid drugstore products, as their value is similar to premium makeup products. No worries, no remorse, no problems – try the products we recommend and let us know your impressions in the comments,

It’s often said that cheap products are also of poor quality. However, with maturing in makeup and trying out different products, we have experienced how even an expensive product can be extremely bad. Make-up artists are also aware of this, carefully choosing the products they will put together in their kit, which is their signature. And in addition to professional makeup brands, and even luxury brands, they often go to drugstores, which are known to hide real beauty treasures. And the world’s make-up artists carry at least one drugstore makeup product in their suitcases. Find out which ones are the most common below.

5 drugstore products

  1. 1.Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara – they use it because it’s ideal for naturally curled lashes, so it’s a frequent “guest” of fashion editorials
  2. 2.Bioderma Sensibio H20 micellar water – used to remove makeup and refresh the face, and the formula is gentle so it’s suitable for all skin types
  3. 3. Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink liquid lipsticks – they use them because they have a great choice of colors and are really long-lasting
  4. 4. Weleda Skin Food multi-purpose cream – it’s extremely nourishing and can be used all over the body. It’s also excellent as a mask, care for cuticles, lips and hands, and it’s also applied as a highlighter.
  5. 5. Vaseline Original ointment – they use it for similar purposes as Weledin Skin Food. It can also be applied to both eyelids and skin for a wet skin effect.

Who says you have to spend a ton of money on quality makeup? Drugstore products are getting better and better, and more shades, styles and effective formulations are offered every year. Makeup in drugstores is not bad for your skin, and it is affordable. Drugstore makeup is the best way to play around with a new look – like a blue eyeliner or a bright lipstick – with little risk.

With thousands of makeup products to choose from, with new and improved options appearing each season, it can be hard to find the best solutions for your individual beauty needs. There is nothing worse than throwing money at insufficiently good products that you will only use once and throw in the bin.

Since these awkward moments can be avoided, and more and more brands are making great products, which are actually affordable, we have been following what world-renowned makeup experts are doing. They have spent their entire careers testing drugstore formulas, to select the ones that have made the biggest difference in their – and their clients ’lives.

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